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Are you curious about the coaching process? Below, you can get a stronger sense of the five essential practices that shape every coaching conversation. While every person experiences coaching uniquely, these are the “non-negotiables” -- the fundamental building blocks that make coaching truly magical and bring about the kind of personal growth and transformation we all yearn for.



Caring. Curious. Calm. Courageous. Grateful. Optimistic. These are the kind of emotions that create the space where the magic of coaching takes place. Transformational coaching is based on presence -- a powerful state of trust and safety between coach and client. We all grow and expand our thinking when we feel heard, understood and valued. The role of the coach is to create an environment of acceptance, respect and true belief in your potential – this allows for you to tap into your natural creativity and embrace the possibilities deep within you.


You are the expert in your own life, and ultimately you possess the wisdom you need to move forward. It’s not the role of the coach to fix, persuade or offer solutions. Rather, a coach is a “thinking partner” – acting as a dynamic mirror allowing you to more objectively view your motivations and beliefs. A coach listens deeply, reflects back what she hears and ask the kinds of questions that propel you to pause, step back and explore your thinking. Every client is creative, resourceful and whole. A coach‘s job is to create the kind of environment which allows your insight and clarity to bubble up to the surface.



Every human being has a box full of stories they call upon to make meaning of the events and situations in their lives.  Some of these stories no longer serve us and negatively dictate our thinking and actions in ways we don’t consciously understand. When a coach creates a powerful and supportive space, you can shift perspectives and move beyond the limiting beliefs and outdated stories that have kept you stuck. You can learn about yourself, expand your understanding of what’s possible and see new ways to move forward. In coaching terms, we call this a breakthrough – the kind of shift that leads to profound, long lasting results.


What do you really want? Clients often come to coaching with goals that are based on what they should want, or what other people want for them. People are often unsure what they want, or they’re afraid to speak it out loud. A coach’s job is to help you cut through the fog and identify and articulate what you truly want. When your goals are based on your most innate values and aligned with your genuine strengths, you’ll stay the course.  Authenticity is at the heart of follow through – when your goals are a true reflection of who you really are, you’re motivated to do the work to make them happen.

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A coaching session wraps up with a verbalized commitment to action. New awareness and insight is exciting – but if doesn’t turn into a commitment to act, hesitation and excuses can leak into the process. What will you do? By when? What might get in the way? What other support or resources will help? When you articulate your plans, you feel more motivated to follow through. You are more likely to hold yourself accountable to your words. When doubts and old habits creep up, verbalized commitments keep us courageous, clear and focused on what we truly need to do to fulfill our potential and live our best lives.


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